Tatmadaw plan base in Dunsay Para in aftermath of video leak, orders forced labour

January 6, 2017

Tatmadaw has said all Rohingyas in Dunsay Para, Rathedaung will have to collect timber for construction of a base in their village. The base was to be constructed to monitor activities of local following the leak of video that showed Hlun Htein personal assaulting a Rohingya boy and a man in early November when security force crackdown on villagers in the after math of a rare protest. The video was leaked last week and was shot by a Hlun Htein personal but authorities blamed members of a Muslim community.

Now the  Tatmadaw is saying that Dunsay will be constant surveillance.

Local say the order is problematic as they need axes and sharper instruments for collecting timber but all these tools have been seized by security forces. They also said they don’t have any access of food sources and the added workload will mean they have even less time collecting food for their families. At present the village is close to starvation.

Forced labour was a common practice especially under the now disbanded Nasaka, but they army sometimes employs Rohingya labour without any payment and treats them very badly.   


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