Pakistan and Myanmar in advanced jet fighter negotiations


February 9, 2017

The government is in an advanced negotiation stage with their Pakistani counterparts to build the JF-17 fighter jet, according to IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly.

The defence weekly magazine said the agreement would allow Myanmar to significantly expand its defence sector.

Reports of the deal have angered Muslim majority Pakistan that has strong sympathies for the Rohingya community.

However it is not unprecedented that while the Pakistan government expresses vocal sympathy for the Rohingyas on one hand, they negotiate lucrative deals with the Tatmadaw carrying out atrocities against the Rohingyas. In mid 2015, Pakistan raised the Rohingya issue at the UN while conducting parallel negotiations with the regime amid the boat people crisis that saw thousands of Rohingyas stranded in the high seas.

Earlier in June 2016, the Kachin National Organisation urged Pakistan to stop jet sales to Myanmar as air strikes from Pakistani fighters caused mass civilian casualties in that area.