Indonesia urges significant steps to Arakan peace, warns of regional instablity

February 11, 2017

Indonesia has urged Myanmar to take significant steps in solving the Rohingya crisis. The world’s largest Muslim nation joined a chorus of concerns on Friday and urged a solution to the crisis before the situation spins out of control leading to instability across the wider region.

"I would like to once again reiterate the importance for the government of Myanmar to take significant steps to create an enabling environment for peace and reconciliation to take place," foreign minister Retno Marsudi told the AFP on a visit to Singapore.

"Indonesia shares the concern of the international community on the humanitarian and security situation in Rakhine state."

AFP also said that the Rohingya plight has mobilised the anger of the Muslim masses throughout the world.

Incidentally, one member of a Myanmar team invited by Indonesia to study how that country reached peace between warring Christian and Muslim communities was killed as he returned from the Jakarta trip on January 29. Ko Ni, a leading Muslim lawyer and a rare sympathiser of the Rohingya community was gunned down as he hugged his grandchild outside the airport as he returned from the Indonesian capital. The killing has led to further suspicions that powerful quarters within the country stand to lose out in any peace rapprochement between Muslims and Buddhists.

Meanwhile the ASEAN’s other Muslim member Malaysia has put unprecedented pressure on Myanmar to cease atrocities against the Rohingya community.