Bangladesh says they will work with Myanmar to shut down border in event of another refugee crisis

April 7, 2017


A top Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) official on Thursday said the border agencies of Bangladesh and Myanmar have resolved to shut all crossing points between the two countries in the event of another refugee crisis, according to reports in the Bangladesh media.

Dhaka Tribune reports that BGB Additional Director General Anisur Rahman, speaking at a press conference to mark the end of a six day summit with Myanmar police officials claimed that the two border authorities had agreed to exchange information and act when necessary to seal their shared border to stem any flow of Rohingya Muslim refugees.

“With our stance of mutual cooperation, we had agreed to immediately communicate with the Myanmar border authorities in case something like this happens again and then close the borders to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants,” said the BGB commander.

During the clearance operation last year, Bangladesh requests for cooperation were largely ignored by Myanmar.

The BGB commander however said the Rohingyas had fled because of oppression in their homeland. He however went to say that he had received assurances from Myanmar police that conditions in Arakan were stable.

The two sides also agreed to work together on landmines on the border, which they said had supposedly caused casualties. They did not disclose who placed the landmines, but it is widely known the only active Rohingya rebel army does not have the resources.

BGB once again gave a list of yaba producing factories, though Myanmar had earlier ignored requests to shut down the production of the deadly pills flooding the neighbouring country.

High ranking Myanmar officials are allegedly involved in the trafficking of yaba pills.