Chinese negotiation offer rejected

April 29, 2017

March riots 2013 

Myanmar has shunned Chinese offers to help negotiations with Bangladesh on the Rohingya issue on Friday.

On Tuesday, China offered to tackle diplomatic tensions between Bangladesh and Myanmar over the Rohingya refugees, amid a trip by special envoy Sun Guoxiang to Dhaka.

However, the President’s Office has said on the first anniversary of the NLD government that they will not accept China’s offer to help mediate affairs in Arakan, but “will collaborate” with Bangladesh.

China has themselves made clear their preference for bilateral negotiations between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Rohingya activists have said that members of the international community, especially Malaysia should be present at any negotiations. They also expressed the desire for European participation. There is also the need for Rohingya representatives to be present at any talks, they stressed.

Meanwhile Bangladesh officials have also told local media off the record that it is impossible for the Rohingya crisis to be solved through bilateral talks with Myanmar as the latter maintains a hostile attitude towards their Muslim neighbour.