Rohingya families flee Jammu en masse

April 30, 2017


At least 35 Rohingya families in Jammu have already left, while 180 more families seem to be packing their bags, according to reports in the Kashmiri media.

Reports say there are around four thousand Rohingya families in the Hindu dominated Jammu region which are at risk of attacks by Hindutva groups whose influence in the region is increasing.

The report also said that while there is sympathy among the Kashmiri Muslim community, they seem helpless to aid the Rohingyas.

In early April, an influential Indian pressure group dominated by Hindutva elements gave a ten day ultimatum to identify and kill Rohingya refugees unless they left the region immediately. Since then, there has been regular threats and attacks from miscreants, including arson attacks on Rohingya huts.