Malaysian aid reaches Akyab


February 22, 2017

Akyab - Humanitarian aid from the Malaysian flotilla has arrived in the Akyab port. Malaysia dropped off the supplies at a Yangon port on February 9 amid protests by anti Muslim nationalists.

The  State Counsellor Office Information Committee announced in a Facebook post that the supplies had been delivered from Yangon by a military ship on Wednesday. It added that the donations will now be delivered to 190 villages and IDP camps by February 25.

The state government and international organisations will help to disburse the aid.

The aid package is worth around $1.1 million.

Myanmar government had earlier refused permission to the ship to dock at Arakan state, though transporting the delivery from Yangon presented logistical barriers.

The government has also said parts of the aid will also reach the Rakhine population as it would be fairer to help both the communities.

Rohingya activists allege a significant amount of aid from foreign nations is siphoned by the administration.

A network of Malaysian NGOs have sent an aid ship carrying tonnes of aid supplies meant for the Rohingyas, an initiative strongly supported by Malaysian PM Najib Razzaq.