Mob aided by police close down Muslim schools in Yangon

April 29, 2017


Two Muslim religious schools in Yangon were closed down by a Buddhist nationalist mob on Friday evening.

Police officials present on the spot aided the mob of around 50 nationalists, according to local sources. The mob had gathered from around 2pm and were well protected by the police who maintained an aggressive posture towards local residents in Anawmar 11 and 12 streets in Thaketa Township, most of them being Muslims. The Muslims tried to put up a defence but were vastly outnumbered as the mob was operating under heavy police protection. At around evening, they retreated and the mob closed down the establishments.

Locals say that relations with neighbouring Buddhists have generally been cordial and the gang which arrived at the scene were all outsiders.

Local NLD leaders present at the scene also did not make any gesture to help the Muslims.

The two establishments have been getting threats since the water festival in mid April this year.