ICRC calls for increased access to conflict zones and prisons

May 13, 2017


The International Committee of the Red Cross has asked Myanmar to let aid workers get access to people caught up in conflict zones including northern Arakan.

Authorities have blocked the ICRC from areas under the control of ethnic minority forces and from visiting some prisoners, the organisation's president, Peter Maurer said in Yangon.

Maurer had recently visited the Akyab area where Rohingya Muslims have been residing since 2012 in the gruesome conditions of IDP camps. Maurer did not get a chance to visit Northern Maungdaw, site of the recent Tatmadaw operations that have killed more than a thousand people.

Access to the Arakan state continue to be very limited. In recent weeks, the Tatmadaw and their cohorts have launched sting operations in the remote regions of Buthidaung killing many including infant children. But due to the remoteness of the region, details have not been forthcoming.

The ICRC has been barred from the notorious torture centres of Arakan including the infamous Buthidaung prison.

Torture of Rohingya prisoners have continued despite the formal end of clearance operations.

Hundreds have died under torture in recent years and many more have been maimed.