Tatmadaw investigation declares themselves not guilty

May 26, 2017


The much talked Tatmadaw investigation team has said its members are not guilty of committing atrocities against the Rohingyas during the clearance operation. As a result, the Tatmadaw, which remains the real rulers of the country has cleared itself from allegations of gross human rights violations.

The announcement made on Tuesday however said one of their soldiers was guilty of stealing a motorbike.

The army directly refuted allegations by the UN bodies including the UNHCR (mentioned in the report as OHCHR) and described them as lies.

"Out of 18 accusations included in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) report, 12 were found to be incorrect, with (the) remaining six accusations found to be false and fabricated accusations based on lies and invented statements," said a report by the army's 'True News' team carried in state media.

The army did not come up with a statement on why a hundred thousand Rohingyas had fled to Bangladesh abandoning everything, nor did it explain the overwhelming evidence incriminating their own members, according to many activists.

Rohingya activists have also said the absorption of blame clearly demonstrates what they had known all along – senior officers of the Tatmadaw are directly involved in the murder and rape of Rohingya Muslims in a brutal crackdown that did not even spare infant children in Northern Maungdaw.

The army had also rejected an investigation probe by the UNHCR and said they were not welcome in the country.

More than a thousand people including infant children were killed and many women raped during a three month crackdown that started on October 9.