Chin Christians flee to India from Rakhine and Tatmadaw violence

May 26, 2017

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Christians in Chin state are fleeing to India after being targeted by Rakhine nationalist outfit the Arakan Army, according to reports in the Indian media.

Those fleeing were all women and children, as all the male members have been held by the Arakan Army in the village of Ralie, according to the reports.

The refugees are currently in Southern Mizoram’s Saiha district where they arrived on May 19.

In a separate incident, more than a hundred people had also escaped into the Indian state of Nagaland last week to escape battles between the Tatmadaw and an unidentified armed group.

The escapees, all Christians have alleged persecution by both rebel groups and the government forces which also relies on a militant version of Buddhism. While Muslims have borne the brunt of Buddhist nationalist violence, many Christian communities in Chin state have started to face religious persecution in recent weeks, according to a source.