One killed as Tatmadaw terror continue in Nga Sa Gru

October 20, 2016

A man was gunned down by the military on Tuesday in the restive village tract of Nga Sa Gru, Maungdaw.

Ekram (s/o Shomsu) was cutting rice paddy near the river bank and did not see a military team approaching him. He tried to run away at the last moment, but the soldiers chased him and shot him dead. He was then buried in the river bank, say local sources.

Terror is prevailing in the village since hundreds of soldiers backed by artillery and helicopters entered the area on October 11 and killed an unknown number of local people. The soldiers later drew back, but much of the village has been destroyed.

Many of the villagers don’t return to their homes but hide in the vegetation or among the river banks, always keeping a wary eye for the military, reports a local source from the area.

Many women were also raped by the army during the offensive

The military alleges the village was hosting Muslim rebels before it was attacked on October 11. The area is on edge, and there are fears there will be more casualties as the military swoops down on the unarmed