Young women raped, elderly women assaulted in Nan Chaung attack

October 21, 2016

At least four women have been raped when armed men in civilian clothes attacked Nan Chaung, Maungdaw.

On Friday, around 150 men armed with firearms entered the village tract and went into the homes of Rohingya Muslims. Here they raped at least four women inside their homes. Sources however say the number of raped women might be higher, as many don’t confess being sexually molested for fear it will being dishonour on their family, or don’t want to hurt the sentiments of their family members.

During the attack, at least seven elderly women were brutally beaten up for protesting rape. They are suffering without any medical treatment as anyone going outside the village risk being shot.

Rape of Muslim women in Arakan by both Rakhine miscreants and security forces is common. Those perpetuating the crime on Muslim women have never been punished. Many Rohingya refugees outside the country say one of the main reasons of fleeing the country is the likelihood of getting raped.

The identity of the attackers has not been confirmed.

During the attack, the miscreants also took away food in big sacks they have brought with them. Locals say they have been suffering from food shortages and had saved up some rice for the future. But now the supply has been looted and there is no guarantee from where the next meal will come.

The men in the village had fled their homes in the daytime fearing imminent attack on the locality. The men in the area are on alert as any male members found by the military are killed or tortured on charges of being in league with rebels.civilians