Mothers and daughters sexually assaulted in front of each other in Noun Dah Khali

October 22, 2016

At least five women, four of them mothers and daughters were sexually molested by the Tatmadaw in Noun Dah Khali, Maungdaw.

On Saturday, an army team came to the village and rounded up women and took them to a nearby field. Here they went to sexually molest the women by touching them in their private parts, forcing some of them to take off their clothes and made lewd remarks in full public view.

Four of these women are mothers and daughters from two households. The mothers and daughters were molested in front of each other and they were forced to witness the entire incident. Their names and identities are being concealed for privacy purposes.

Our correspondent in the area says it is likely more women had to face sexual assault.

All the men in the area had fled to the nearby jungles as any male left behind is killed or arrested in operations like this. Since October 9, dozens of Rohingyas have been killed or tortured in a brutal Tatmadaw crackdown.

In the past few days, reports of rapes have reached an alarmingly high proportion.

Activists have accused the army of using rape as a weapon of war to intimidate ethnic minorities and destroy entire fabric of communities.military 2016