Neighbourhood adjoining Kya Ri prang also destroyed

October 22, 2016

Soldiers entered a hamlet adjoining Kya Ri prang and destroyed a mosque and around 11 houses, further terrorising the area.

On Friday, the Tatmadaw team entered the tiny hamlet of Lu Ti prang, and destroyed it almost completely, reports our correspondent from the adjoining village tact of Kya Ri prang.

Earlier last month, the state government declared many religious institutions and houses of Muslims, especially in the Maungdaw region would be demolished as they have allegedly been constructed without proper permission.

The main village of Kya Ri prang with more than 700 houses was destroyed last week and at least 11 people, mostly women and children were killed by the Tatmadaw. Six of the victims are from the same family. Three of them are women, while the other three are children, with one being a new born. Many of them were killed when soldiers struck their stomach and vaginal areas with bayonets.

Meanwhile two teenage girls from the area were killed after they were kidnapped and raped by the military.

The two other victims are a child and an elderly man. The identity of the eleventh victim remains a mystery as his mutilated corpse was discovered in the paddy fields adjoining the village.

Scores remain missing, and our correspondent and local sources say it is likely many of them have either been killed or arrested. Those arrested by the military face brutal torture in custody. Hundreds of Muslim prisoners have died under torture by the military and many more have been killed.

Three other women have also been kidnapped by the military. Their fate is unknown.

Meanwhile villagers are forced to stay in the open, while many have constructed huts from sheds from plastic material. They are on high alert and ready to ran away in case the army approaches again as anyone staying behind is either killed or captured.

Villagers returned to the destroyed village on Monday after the army withdrew from the