Tatmadaw rape two women and desecrate Quran in Lound Don

October 24, 2016

A Tatmadaw team raided the village tract of Lound Don in Maungdaw, raped two women and desecrated the Quran.

On Saturday night, the team comprising of around 45 soldiers arrived in the village and went in to two different houses. Here they took turns raping the two women. At one stage one of the women could not withstand the pain and started screaming for help. A group of elderly women went to the spot and protested the incident. The two women are alive but in a critical condition following intense gang rape, said an elderly woman from the area.

The army then left the spot but went in to the local mosque. Here they tore pages from the Quran and kicked the holy scripture outside the mosque, said eye witnesses. Locals later found the interior of the mosque vandalised and torn pages from the Quran. Last month, the state government suddenly declared the destruction of many mosques, religious institutions and houses of Muslims, on the grounds they have been built without proper permission.

The military then left the area but said they would come back the next day to look for Muslim terrorists.

Earlier during the raid, the military tore ornaments from the nose of three women, leaving them seriously injured.

Rights activists say the military uses rape as a weapon of war to demoralise ethnic minorities and destroy the fabric of communities.Quran