Growing tensions in Rathedaung

October 25, 2016

Military entered the Rohingya neighbourhood in Zar Di Taung in Rathedaung on Tuesday and ordered all fences of houses, including toilets to be knocked out on an emergency basis.

The meeting with village elders including the village headman lasted around one hour. The military said the fences should be knocked out within noon, which gave the villagers only two hours. They also threatened that houses whose fences were not knocked out would be burned, which might result in the entire village being burned.

The officials also ordered a list of all Maulavis and their students be prepared. Also they said any Maulavis who would not turn up within 15 minutes of being summoned would be fined.

Also from now on, any villager going to the hills with food will be shot by security forces. This is because they alleged locals might provide food for suspected Muslim rebels.

Earlier, a local MP from Rathedaung ordered all Rakhines to withhold food from the Rohingyas in market places. A 13 year boy was arrested and tortured when selling chickens in exchange for rice in the market near Zar Di Taung on Saturday.myanmar military