Bura Sidha para raided again

October 25, 2016

Tatmadaw once again raided the restive village tract of Bura Sidha para in Maungdaw on Tuesday afternoon and arrested a young boy from the area.

Like many others arrested before, the fate of the boy remains a mystery but there is speculation he is being severely tortured in custody.

There are also reports a motor vehicle belonging to a Rohingya man has been seized by the army.

Bura Sidha para has been one of the most targeted villages since the start of the army led crackdown on October 9. Many men have been arrested and tortured, with their fate unknown and concerns they have been killed in custody. Locals have reported dead bodies floating in the river although they were unable to confirm their identities or retrieve them.

Most of the grown up men have fled the village as arrests and disappearances continue.

Hundreds of Muslim men have died under torture in custody and many more have been maimed in the last few years.

Last week at least ten women from the neighbourhood have been raped by the army.military 2016