20 women sexually molested in public place at Lound Don

October 25, 2016

Twenty women were strip searched and sexually molested in full view of the public in Lound Don, Maungdaw as military raids continued in the area.

On Monday, military personal accompanied by Rakhines in civilian clothes entered the area and started to break shops in the neighbourhood known as Hanti para in the local dialect. Then they entered houses and began to drag the women into an open field in the middle of the locality.

Here the army personal pointed their weapons and told the women to strip as it was alleged they were concealing illegal materials beneath their garments. After they had stripped, some of the soldiers touched the women in their private parts while other onlookers jeered at them and passed lewd comments. During this time, family members including young children were forced to witness the incident.

Earlier on Saturday, army personal entered a mosque in the area, urinated in the place and tore pages from the Quran, according to eyewitnesses who went to the spot after the raiders had left the spot. The incident has been confirmed by our correspondent in the area. Two women were also raped on that day and are currently in critical condition.

Activists allege the Tatmadaw uses sexual violence against women from ethnic minorities as a weapon of war to demoralise their enemies and destroy the fabric of their communities.

There are reports the military once again entered the area on Tuesday but details are not forthcoming at this moment.Quran