Families that returned to Kawa Bil chased out again

October 27, 2016

The families who had gone back to their home following a military order have been assaulted, and chased out of their homes by another military team.

On Wednesday, an army team raided the abandoned northern neighbourhood of the village tract and finding the families there went on to assault them. When they protested saying they were just following orders, the military men went on to say there were no such directives and told them to run immediately or get shot.

On Sunday, the villagers left the neighbourhood following orders by the Hlun Htein which alleged the locals had been housing Muslim rebels prior to an attack on October 9. Since then, approximately 2000 Rohingya Muslims, including children and women have been living in the open. Confusion arose when the next day a group of army personal went to the Rohingyas and told them they should go back to the neighbourhood. Around 40 families listened to the order and went back, but most chose to remain.

Many of the abandoned houses in Kawa Bil have been looted by Rakhine collaborators. Rakhine media reported the army had stopped some of the looters and arrested many, however our correspondents in the area refuted such an incident.

Those villagers who had gone back all their valuables looted. The Rohingyas who had ran away managed to take some valuables with them but it is uncertain if they will be able to retain it in the next following days as Rakhine collaborators, the Hlun Htein and Tatmadaw join forces on a looting and rape orgy. At least seven women have been raped after fleeing the village.

Kawa Bil is one the main target for the Tatmadaw which has been at the forefront of genocidical attacks against the minority Muslim community.army