October 9 eyewitness arrested in Kawa Bil?

October 28, 2016

Hlun Htein arrested a teenage boy from the restive village tract of Kawa Bil in Maungdaw on Wednesday. Local sources say the boy will be used as a witness against Muslim rebels who attacked a border post in the area on October 9. They say he will be used as a planted witness to fabricate eyewitness evidence against innocent villagers. They have however not explained how they came across this information.

Earlier this week, the Border Guard Police ordered around 2,000 Rohingya Muslims in the area to evacuate their houses or face immediate destruction on allegations they had sheltered Muslim rebels prior to the border post attack. Locals allege the security forces led by the Tatmadaw are using the attack by a handful of rebels to justify widespread attacks against civilians including murder, torture and rape of innocent civilians in Kawa Bil and much of Maungdaw where most of the Rohingyas reside.

The alleged fabrication leading to false evidence is regarded by activists as the next step to arrest and torture many Rohingyas, thus bringing the beleaguered community a step closer to the ‘final solution’.

Hundreds of Muslim prisoners have been tortured to death and many more maimed by security forces. The presentation of false eyewitness evidences to prosecute innocent Muslims are common and Rohingyas are not allowed to defend themselves in the court of law.14825630 239870283094807 451557275 n