Army 'invite' Rathedaung Rohingyas to meeting and beat them up

October 29, 2016

The military made several raids in the villages of Rathedaung and severely beat up Rohingyas who had assembled on their orders.

At around 11.30 am on Wednesday, the military ordered locals to assemble at San Ga Ma Rowa. Villagers from nearby Pali parang were also ordered to be present. When the villagers were going to the assembly point, the military fell on them and assaulted them severely on a random basis. No apparent reason was given for the assault.

The two villages were then forced to pay 200,000 kyats for no apparent reason. San Ga Ma Rowa was then asked to pay 100,000 kyats more as they had built a new mosque in the neighbourhood.

The villagers were then questioned about rebel activity. They were ordered to inform authorities about any suspected rebel activity in the area. They were also ordered to knock out all boundaries.

The military then went to Joo parang at around 1.30 pm and repeated the same process. Villagers who had been ordered to assemble at a point were randomly beaten up by the military. The meeting lasted around one hour when officials frequently lashed out at random villagers and beat them up. The village was forced to pay 400,000 kyats.ra