Four, including community elder dissappear in Buthidaung

October 29, 2016

A community elder was arrested by Hlun Htein from Shillkhali, Buthidaung.

Ayub (s/o) Kadir was apprehended at a local tea shop at around 1am on Friday. He was alleged to be in cohorts with Muslim rebels. The exact circumstances surrounding his arrest is however mysterious as he is also a village administrator.

His current whereabouts are unknown. Family members fear for his safety as many Rohingyas arrested since October 9 have disappeared leading to suspicions they have been tortured to death in custody. That is a common practise in Arakan state where hundreds have died under intense torture and many more have been maimed by security forces.

In a separate incident, three Rohingyas were arrested from the Taung Bazaar area at around 6pm the same day. Their whereabouts are also unknown. They have been identified as Shukkur (s/o Kala Mia), Md Idris (s/o Abdullah) and Shona Miah (s/o Lal Miah).Security Force