Quran desecrated again, this time in Rathedaung

October 29, 2016

Tatmadaw personal once again desecrated a Quran, this time during a raid in a Rathedaung village. They also assaulted villagers during the raid.

On Thursday, at around 10am, the army personnel entered the village tract of Soho parang and finding the boundaries of some of the houses partially intact went to a rage and proceeded to severely assault two of the respected members of the community. They have been identified as Md Yahya, 45, and Moundulah, 26.

The army then forced locals to knock out all the boundaries, even the shelters of toilets. The 15 families which did not finish knocking out the boundaries were fined 150,000 kyats each.

They then went to the main mosque of the area and entered it. They went into the area where the imam stands to lead the prayers and started kicking everything. They also got hold of the holy Quran and kicked it, all the way out of the mosque.

Earlier, in at least one confirmed incident, the military desecrated the Quran in Lound Don, Maungdaw last week.Quran