Seven children arrested in Nga Sa Gru

October 31, 2016

Seven children have been arrested by the Tatmadaw in Nga Sa Gru, Maungdaw.

On Monday, the children all aged under ten went out of the village to the grazing fields with their livestock. At around 9am, an army team approached the area and accused the children of working with Muslim terrorists.

They were taken to an unknown location and since then, there is confusion surrounding their fate.

The security forces are known for brutally torturing Muslim prisoners, killing hundreds in custody. Children are not totally exempt from torture by the Tatmadaw.

Nga Sa Gru has witnessed regular raids by the Tatmadaw since the first week of the crackdown starting on October 9. In the early days, a huge army offensive resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen civilians as the attackers used overwhelming firepower aimed at civilian residences. Since then, there has been regular raids, resulting in deaths and torture of civilians and gang rape of women. tatrapes of women.