Maung Hna Ma besieged, looted, many arrested

October 31, 2016

Tatmadaw forces arrested around 50 people and looted the entire marketplace at Maung Hna Ma, Maungdaw. Anything that did not have lootable value have been destroyed.

The army forces and many Rakhines in civilian clothes turned up in the area on Monday morning and drove the Rohingyas out of their houses in three hamlets. The army then started arresting the men on a random basis. The arrested men were taken on a truck and towards an unknown location.

The Rohingyas have been warned to stay out of their houses. Anyone going to their houses will be killed, the army has warned. Since then, most of the Rohingyas have been living outside. Some of them have been crowded inside a local school. The army maintains a heavy presence in the area.

The army came prepared to loot, and had brought trucks and vans with them to transport all lootable resources. But materials that could not be looted, or did not have any usable or resalable value have been destroyed by the Rakhine collaborators. The attackers are leaving nothing back for the Rohingyas.

Earlier, more than a dozen men were arrested and tortured in custody. Many women were sexually assaulted during a raid by the Tatmadaw and their collaborators last week.

In last few days, the security forces have been destroying food stuff, ranging from rice crops in the field, or rice stored away for future consumption. This is widely regarded as a systematic attempt to starve the Rohingyas.

Muslim activists have long warned the regime is enforcing starvation in many Rohingya territories to force out the beleaguered population out of the country.broken shop