Community elders forced to sign white papers in Kya Ri prang and Doe Tan

November 2, 2016

Tatmadaw called a meeting of community elders in Kya Ri prang and Doe Tan (Ludaing) on Monday. During the meeting, community elders were forced to sign a white paper and ordered to tell any UN investigation team that all atrocities, including the killing and raping of women and burning of houses were committed by Muslim rebels.

The village tract of Kya Ri prang was totally burned to the ground by the Tatmadaw and at least a dozen innocent people were killed, many of them after gang rape. In one of the worst incidents, army bayonetted at least six women and children from the same family to death, including a new born child only two hours old. Many women have been kidnapped by the Tatmadaw and taken to unknown locations. Their fate remains a mystery but it is assumed they are serving as sex slaves for the army.

Doe Tan has also witnessed deaths of civilians and rape of women.

However, some sections of the Myanmar media are claiming the atrocities have been committed by Muslim rebels and the army is now forcing community elders to sign a bond confirming such an allegation. The incident comes as an UN delegation team starts to visit areas affected by the violence.14607985 228789287536240 765597235 n.jpgct 2016