Renewed terror in Nga Khura amid Tatmadaw rampage

November 2, 2016

At least one civilian was injured in Tatmadaw firing as tensions once again increase in Nga Khura, Maungdaw.

On Sunday, soldiers entered the village from the southern neighbourhood and fired at houses randomly hitting Ayub (s/o Noor Alam) in the shoulder.

On the Northern side, army fired into the air sending Rohingya civilians scattering for safety. Later they set fire to 12 shops besides the Boro Masjid.

Nga Khura has been besieged by the army since the crackdown. At least two community elders were arrested and tortured to death by the army and their four sons also detained in one of the most sensational cases in the area.

Also the Rohingyas in the area have been cut off from livelihood sources as they are unable to access the woods, waterways or the markets as the army maintains a vigilant siege.

Fishing and logging are the two remaining sources of livelihood for the vast majority of the Muslim populace in Arakan state. Since 2012, those going out of their territory to catch fish or collect wood have been attacked by anti Muslim nationalists and security forces. In the Maungdaw region, this has mostly been happening since the current Tatmadaw crackdown.

Many Rohingyas, including children, have to skip meals for days, and survive only on starch.

Muslim activists allege this is a systematic effort to deprive Rohingyas of their livelihoods, create starvation and force the beleaguered community members to migrate to Bangladesh in search of food.

In a seperat incident, village adminstrators paid 3 million kyats to the Tatmadaw for a week of peace in May Rulla, Maungdaw South. fire