Two men who ferry refugees to Bangladesh arrested and tortured

November 3, 2016

Tatmadaw arrested two boatmen who ferry refugees to Bangladesh from Mun Gala Gree (Ferangfru) in Maungdaw.

The two men were called by the military to appear before them. They went to a local camp on Monday with some shrimps assuming a hefty bribe would soothe the soldiers. The boatmen pay the Hlun Htein on a regular basis as ferrying refugees to Bangladesh is a common occurrence.

This time however, it was different and the Tatmadaw accused the men of ferrying Muslim rebels. The men were arrested and brutally tortured. One of the arrested men have been identified as Ayub.

Some sources in the Tatmadaw want to create an impression the rebels are operating from Bangladesh despite a strong commitment from the neighbouring country to seal the border and aid counter insurgency operations.

The arrested men have been threatened with a seven year jail sentence.

Those arrested on so called terrorism charges face brutal torture, often on a daily basis in the brutal prisons of Arakan state where hundreds have been killed in custody and many more mailed, especially since