Two injured in Tatmadaw fire as Rohingyas on the run following UN visit

November 3, 2016

Two people were injured on Thursday morning when Tatmadaw fired on them in Zammoinna, Maungdaw North. The incident takes place a day after locals ignored orders by the military to stay away from an UN inquiry team that visited the area to investigate gross human rights violations against the beleaguered Muslim minority.

Local sources say four men were hiding in the paddy fields when soldiers noticed them and fired in their direction. Two of the men managed to escape but two others fell to the gunfire.

Much of the populace in Zammoinna is on the run as the Tatmadaw looks to punish the Muslim community following the UN visit.

A day earlier, Tatmadaw had placed pro government people who reportedly told the UN team that the Tatmadaw were protecting them while it was the Muslim rebels who killed civilians and raped women. They were strangers who looked like Rohingyas but did not live in the villages.

Meanwhile Tatmadaw raids have continued throughout many other village tracts.

At around 8am, the Tatmadaw raided the restive village tract of Nga Khura and arrested one man who did not manage to flee in time. He has been identified as Liaqot, 47. The village tract has been raided earlier this week when Tatmadaw set fire on shops and injured at least one civilian when they fired randomly at Rohingya houses.

At around the same time, another team raided Kasari Bil and arrested one man, identified as Kala Mia, 47.

Meanwhile the entire area of Kawa Bil is in a military lockdown since Wednesday afternoon following the departure of the UN team. There are reports the military is looking for Rohingyas, most of whom have escaped into the wilderness.un 1