UN visit: arrests in Kya Ri prang and Nga Sa Gru

November 3, 2016

The military detained two men from Kya Ri prang and Nga Sa Gru on Tuesday as an UN inquiry team is set to visit the area later in the week.

The two village tracts have been brutally attacked by the Tatmadaw since the first week of the crackdown. Dozens of civilians died when the army first attacked the village tract with heavy weapons on October 11. Many others were killed later, and many women raped.

On October 13, Kya Ri prang was razed to the ground. In one of the worst acts of violence, soldiers killed at least six women and children from the same family including a new born child, and kidnapped at least two women. Many others were raped and killed in the following days.

It was in such circumstances that these two men had planned to meet the UN team and shed light on the events that have taken place. However, informants had managed to known about their intentions and these men are presently in custody.

One of the arrested man is Karim Ullah, a maulavi from Kya Ri prang. The other is Ayub, a businessman from Nga Sa Gru.

Family members fear they will be brutally tortured in custody.

The Tatmadaw has renewed a crackdown against communities that are trying to meet the UN inquiry team sending Rohingyas in many villages on the run once again.UN 2