Three including minor girl raped by soldiers on guard duty for UN

November 3, 2016

Three women, including a minor girl was raped by soldiers on guard duty for the UN in Loung Don on Wednesday.

The girls live in an isolated settlement on a hill top east of the main village tract. In the morning, five soldiers were posted at the hills overlooking Loung Don, as the UN delegation was scheduled to arrive in the area at mid day.

Soon the soldiers entered the houses and confined their victims at gunpoint. The two grown up women were gang raped. The minor girl being raped was around 10 years old.

Following the incident, the soldiers proceeded to remove ornaments and other valuables from the five houses in this isolated neighbourhood. They also threatened the girls with dire consequences if they revealed the incident.

The UN team later arrived in the restive village tract where many women had been raped and the local mosque and Quran desecrated by the Tatmadaw.

Rights group allege the Tatmadaw uses rape as a weapon to demoralise ethnic communities before taking control of their lands.

The Tatmadaw launched another raid in the area on Thursday afternoon. All the villages that have been visited by the UN has been raided afterwards in a retaliatory measure as Rohingyas attempted to meet the inquiry team despite warnings by the Tatmadaw.UN 3