Tatmadaw burned Muslim beards and private parts in Loung Don torture

November 4, 2016

At least 18 people were arrested and tortured in the restive village tract of Loung Don in Maundaw during another Tatmadaw raid in the area on Tuesday.

One of the victims, an elderly man called Zafor Alam told our correspondent his beard was set on fire by soldiers. Another elderly man was tortured when soldiers burned his private parts. During the torture, the Tatmadaw laughed at them especially when they cried out in pain, said the victim.

Following the torture, four of the elderly men were released but the 14 others, all of them younger men were taken to custody on allegations they were part of the insurgency.

Loung Don has become increasingly restive since the last week, with the Tatmadaw conducting continuous raids, raping women. In the Haati para neighbourhood, soldiers also desecrated Muslim places of worship and the holy book of Quran.

Five soldiers raped three women, including a minor, hours before the UN visit the next day.

Tatmadaw also raided the village tract on Wednesday.

In most cases, the men flee the village whenever the Tatmadaw approaches but this time, they were not so fortunate, resulting in arrest and inhumane torture, according to local sources.

Hundreds have died in torture by security forces since the 2012 riots.Quran