Killed for 'speaking to UN' in Zin Paing Nyar

November 4, 2016

A man died after being hit with bullets in  (Zammoinna), Maungdaw in violence perpetuated by security forces in the aftermath of a visit by an UN inquiry team in the area.

Joint security forces comprising of Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein forces launched an attack on the village on Thursday morning, a day after UN representatives went to the area to inquire gross human rights violations perpetuated on Rohingya Muslims since October 9.

Earlier, the Tatmadaw had warned Rohingyas with dire consequences if they dared complain to the UN team. However, locals chose to ignore the order as Rohingyas regard the UN team to come up with a solution to end the crisis. Rohingyas had known well the consequences of ignoring the Tatmadaw order and since darkness, most had fled the village tract in anticipation of an imminent raid by the Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein.

In one area however, soldiers noticed four men hiding in the paddy fields. They fired at them, hitting two, while the other two managed to flee the spot. One of the men received injuries in the stomach and abdomen, while the other was hit on the thigh.

Without any access to medical treatment the one of the men died on Friday. He has been identified as 40 year Zakir Ahmed (s/o Md Amin).


Injured Rohingyas have no access to medical facilities as the Tatmadaw severely restricts movement for Rohingyas. Also medical staff in Arakan generally refuse to take in Muslim patients.

Meanwhile, four men in the area were arrested as they returned from Friday prayers. They are detained in the local army camp where they are mercilessly tortured for ‘speaking to the UN’, allege locals.