Tatmadaw eye elders



November 5, 2016

Tatmadaw injured an elderly man during a raid in Mun Gala, Maundaw.

62 year Syed Karim (s/o Syed Ahmed) was seriously injured when soldiers mercilessly beat him up. Syed was the only Rohingya man who did not manage to escape due to his old age when the army attacked the village on Friday.

However, the victim suffered the serious injuries only when the soldiers, after the initial attack handed him over to a Rakhine mob who had accompanied the army during the raid. The mob was even more vicious in the attack.

Since the assault, he is in a critical condition as there is no access to medical care.

Another elderly man was earlier injured during a raid on Maung Hna Ma, earlier on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Hlun Htein arrested three elders of the community from Dong Khali on Saturday. They are Shafiq, Azizul Haque and Hassan.

There are reports that even a pro government collaborator might have been arrested from the area..