Two boys injured in gunfire taken away by Tatmadaw in Nurulla para


November 6, 2016

Tatmadaw attacked Nurulla para in Maungdaw on Friday and shot two teenage boys before carrying them off.

The two victims, Md Ayaz and Omar Faruk were shot when soldiers opened fire on Rohingyas when they entered the neighbourhood without any warning. Other Rohingyas on the spot managed to run away.

The victims are only 17 years old.

There are fears the youngsters will be brutally tortured in custody. Torture is a standard practise employed by security forces against Muslims, killing hundreds since 2012.

Those hit by gun fire are also tortured in their injured parts with the intention of causing a slow and painful death.

Soldiers also set fire on at least three houses in the area. Rakhine men in civilian clothing who accompanied the Tatmadaw then went on to looting rampage. Livestock, poultry and food items were carried off by the looters in full collaboration of security forces.