Four children and a woman killed by army when crossing to Bangladesh

November 8, 2016

At least four children and one women are dead after military fired at their boats when they were crossing in to Bangladesh territory. They drowned when military opened fire on their boat.

On Monday, one woman, a teenage girl and three minor children, aged approximately 8 to 10 years old were crossing the river from Zee Pin Khali (Zibong Hali) in Maungdaw North when military opened fire at the boat. The two boatmen managed to jump out in to the water but the rest of the passengers were killed in the fire.

The victims were from two families from Doe Tan (Ludaing) in Maungdaw. One of them was a woman with a son, the other comprised of a teenage girl and two minor boys, assumed to be a sister and two brothers.

One of the survivors told our correspondent in the area that soldiers opened fire because they were irritated one of the children in the boat made a loud noise.

As Tatmadaw operations increasingly target women and children, many have become desperate to escape the country.naaf