Seven women raped during May Rulla night raid

November 8, 2016

Tensions are building up in May Rulla in Maungdaw after the Tatmadaw raped at least seven women in the village on Monday during a night raid.

The raid in which these multiple rapes took place follows an arson incident in which a hostel that previously housed Rakhine school teachers burned down. The school had earlier been closed down since the latest round of violence erupted.

Rohingya villagers allege Hlun Htein burned down the hostel in a pretext to crack down against the local populace in the region.

Raping Rohingya women has become increasingly common in the past few weeks as the Tatmadaw launches a reign of terror on the Muslim populace in the region. Activists from ethnic groups had earlier pointed out the Tatmadaw uses rape as a weapon to demoralise minority communities and destroy the fabric of their society before taking over their land.

In recent days, there have also been allegations that the Tatmadaw is planting arms in Rohingya houses and using it as a pretext to launch attacks against the beleaguered on house 01