Father and three sons face torture in Basara

November 11, 2016

Security forces raided Basara of Maungdaw South and arrested four members from the same family on Thursday.

Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein forces entered the village tract at around 9am and started conducting house by house raids. At one house, they fund some wood and metal objects which they alleged could be used as weapons. A father and his three sons in the house were accused of being in league with Muslim rebels and taken to custody.

They have been identified as Yusuf, 60 and his three sons - - Rahmat Ullah, 27, Sayedul Amin, 23 and Nazim Ullah, 17.

It is alleged they have been brutally tortured in custody. There is no information regarding their whereabouts.

Many taken to custody since October 9 have disappeared leading to fears they have been killed in custody.

Hundreds have been tortured to death by security forces in recent years.

During the raid, security forces also vandalised Rohingya homes. They also checked household lists alleging Bangladeshis had come to the area to help Muslim rebels.

Basara and other villages in the southern region of Maungdaw have often seen brutal raids by security forces but have remained relatively calm in the latest bout of crackdown. Local sources say that is about to change as security after imposing a reign of terror in the northern and central regions of the township are moving south.army agai