Tatmadaw admits using helicopters on protestors in Sa Li Frang, at least 12 killed and 60 wounded

November 13, 2016

Tatmadaw has admitted they have used helicopter gunships against Rohingyas in Maungdaw North.

In a statement to the AFP, the army claimed it had used helicopters as they were overwhelmed in an attack by the Rohingyas on their forces in Sa Li Frang.

Local sources and our correspondent refute the allegations and say the Tatmadaw fired at boys who were protesting with sticks. Claims by the army that the protestors were armed have been dismissed by locals.

Sources say at least 12 Rohingyas have been killed, with the death toll likely to rise. Injured Rohingyas have no access to medical care. At least sixty people have been reported wounded in the helicopter assault.

Helicopter attacks have also been reported in Sau Raw Gazi Bil and Bor Ga Zi Bil.

In all instances, the helicopters were in a supporting role for ground troops that fired rocket launchers at the homes of Rohingya civilians.

Soldiers have flooded the area and all Rohingyas have fled to the surrounding regions.

The situation remains confusing and some sources are saying that dozens have been massacred as troops are killing civilians indiscriminately.

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