Deaths feared in Lound Don and Yai Twin Kyun

November 14, 2016

Tatmadaw forces continued raids in different villages of the Maungdaw region following the bloodiest weekend since the start of recent operations. Some sources say that even by conservative estimates, it is likely more than a hundred people, including children and women were killed as Tatmadaw attacked village tracts with rockets and heavy machine guns.

Monday’s raids also resulted in mass casualties, more intense than the past few weeks.

Deaths and arrests in Yay Myet Bil, Doe Tan

In  Yai Twin Kyun Tatmadaw entered the village tract at around 9am. There are reports that nine people might have been killed when army set houses on fire and shot at fleeing civilians. There are also reports that 29 people have been arrested.

We are unable to confirm the details at the moment.

Arrests are also reported in the nearby village tract of Doe Tan (Ludaing).

Another raid on Lound Don, children reported killed

In the early hours of the day, the Tatmadaw besieged the restive village tract of Lound Don. Troops began firing randomly at civilians at around 10 am, reportedly killing children.

Details cannot be confirmed at this moment.

Lound Don has remained tense in past few weeks, with many women, including minor girls raped by Tatmadaw. In one of the cases, soldiers on guard duty for an UN inquiry team raped three women and threatened to kill them if they revealed the incident to the visiting diplomats.

Tatmadaw also desecrated the Muslim holy book and the mosque by urinating on them.

However, it looks like Monday’s incident in Lound Don has been more deadly than what has taken place in recent times.

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