16 killed, 63 'arrested' as Rohingyas thrown into fire in Zun Baina

November 15, 2016

Tatmadaw have killed at least 16 Rohingyas and arrested 63 in the Zun Baina village tract in the last four days.

The Tatmadaw surrounded the Amtoilla para in the village tract from the early hours of Friday. The rockets continued to rain down on the Rohingyas after they ran out of their houses to escape.

Rohingyas who escaped the neighbourhood took refuge in the nearby paddy fields but were approached by the army shortly before midnight and ordered to go back to their houses. Anyone who remained outside following these orders would be suspected of being in league with Muslim rebels, warned the army.

After they were herded back to the village, Tatmadaw resumed rocket attacks from the early hours of Saturday. This time, after a short barrage, they entered the village, and began taking people hostage.

Locals allege at least two young boys were thrown into burning houses, which had been set alight by rockets.

At least 63 people have been arrested. There is no information regarding their whereabouts. 

Tatmadaw kept up attacks on the area on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with gunshots and loud noises being heard from the neighbourhood. Any house that have remained standing in the past two days were reportedly burned down. There were no reported casualties as all Rohingyas had fled the neighbourhood.

A helicopter was seen encircling the area on Tuesday.

There are concerns for the fate of the missing men as those arrested are mercilessly tortured in custody. Hundreds of Muslims have been tortured to death and many more maimed by security forces since 2012.

An earlier version reported Zammoinna.. we apologise for the mistake