Ku La Bil and Bura Shida Para hit with rockets, mortars and heavy machine guns

November 16, 2016

The village tract of Kul La Bil (Thu Oo Lah) in Maungdaw North have been under continuous rocket fire since Wednesday morning.

A source said the Tatmadaw attacked the village tract from around 8.30 am and kept up the barrage of rocket fire at least till midday. It is not known what happened next.

Mass casualties are feared.

In a separate incident, the Tatmadaw has attacked Bura Shidha Para (Oo Shai Kya) on Wednesday afternoon with mortars and heavy machine guns. Following the barrage of heavy weaponry, soldiers invaded the village tract.

There are reports many have been killed and many detained by the Tatmadaw. Many of the wounded have been suffering without medical treatment.

Bura Shidha para has remained tense since the early days of the crackdown with scores killed and many women raped as the Tatmadaw launched continuous assaults against Rohingyas in this village. Corpses have been seen floating in the river.

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