Killed after torture

December 15, 2016

The discovery of corpses with gunshot wounds are confirming what many Rohingyas had already feared - - those arrested by the security forces are being systematically executed following brutal torture.

In Ra Bai La, locals discovered the corpse of Hamid Hossain on Tuesday. The hands and feet of the elderly man were bound together and his body more injury marks suggesting merciless torture before the final kill. Hamid was arrested from the village on December 3 when he could not flee in time owing to his age. During the ongoing crackdown, any male found in these villages have been arrested or killed on the spot.

Earlier, during the first week of December, locals reported seeing corpses when they fled to the nearby jungles and hills surrounding the area of Ra Bai La and Sa Li Frang. They did not approach the corpses in fear of security forces and instead fled to another location.

On Monday, villagers at Bura Shida Para discovered a grave bearing a corpse. They identified the dead body as belonging to Dawla Miah (66) who was arrested on December 7. His bodies also more marks of torture. Locals gave him a proper funeral.

Corpses have also been discovered near Yay Myet Bil.

Torture of Rohingya prisoners inside prison has long been common especially since 2012. Hundreds of prisoners have been tortured to death, while many more have permanently lost some of their body parts. Many prisoners are also summarily executed after torture.

One former prisoner however told our correspondent by phone that death is a relatively better fate than torture in Burmese custody. He alleged that guards in prison systematically break body parts, starting from the fingers and then moving to other parts.

In recent times, many prisoners have had their eyes gouged out while others have had their hands cut from the wrists.

Police prevent locals from extinguishing fire, one child killed in Hpon Myar Li

A child was killed and another was critically injured after police prevented locals from extinguishing a fire in Hpon Myar Li in Buthidaung.

At around 3am on Thursday, a fire broke out in Ward 13 engulfing the house of Kabir Ahmed. His two children who were sleeping inside the house and one of them, a baby could not be rescued in time. The other child is also in a critical condition and is likely to die.

The fire quickly spread and engulfed at least 11 houses and nine stores.

Many locals tried to rush to the scene but some were prevented from going to the spot by on-duty policemen in the area who said there was a curfew in Arakan.

Locals reported seeing the movement of two Rakhine men on motorcycles at around 10pm on Wednesday night. Our correspondent in the area says it is unusual for Rakhines to move around Muslim settlements at such a late hour. This has created speculations the fire was the result of an arson attack carried out by Buddhist nationalists.

Girls sexually abused in Zee Pin Khali madrasa

In the morning hours of Monday, Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein forces entered the village tract of Zee Pin Khali and went inside a madrasa. Here they sexually abused some of the minor girls who were studying their religion, by touching them in the private parts and making lewd comments about them and the Holy Prophet. After that they kicked the Quran and tore pages from the holy book.

Arrests and sexual abuse in Nga Sa Gru

Tatmadaw forces entered Nga Sa Gru in the early morning hours of Wednesday. Their arrival prompted the Rohingya villagers to flee the area. However, at least three men have been arrested. The discovery of corpses have increased fears the men will be killed following brutal torture.

Some of the escaping women have also been apprehended. They have reportedly been sexually abused. In the late afternoon, they were herded in one location, leading to fears they will be systemically abused and raped during the night hours.

Nga Sa Gru has been tense since the first week of the ongoing crackdown, when a huge military team armed with heavy machine guns and rocket launchers invaded the village, killing on house 01