Boy fighting for life following mob attack in Rathedaung

December 22, 2016

A 12 year old boy is fighting for his life after being attacked by a Rakhine mob near his village of Prenang Sherua in Rathedaung.

Md Rafique went to graze cattle outside the village on Wednesday when the mob attacked him. He was beaten within the inch of his life and had his teeth knocked out in the attack.

He was later found in an injured condition by local Rohingyas.

A video of the boy in the aftermath of the attacks show him gasping for life. Many of our correspondents who spoke to locals by telephone have informed there are concerns the boy will die.

Prenang Sherua, like other Rathedaung villages are situated in the midst of hostile Rakhine territory. Since 2012, many have been attacked and even killed as nationalists backed by security forces enforce a blockade on Rohingya settlements making it extremely risky to leave the villages in search of livelihoods such as catching fish, grazing cattle or collecting wood. The blockade has created artificial food shortages in many areas, made worse by the decision of Rakhine lawmakers to bar the Rohingyas from markets in the township.

Rohingya activists allege this is a systematic effort to deprive the population of food and force them to move out of the country. ra