Another child dies amid aid blockade in Bangladesh

December 22, 2016

A seven year child died in the Nayapara refugee camp in Bangladesh as she was unable to get medical treatment.

Ramida Begum has been suffering since she crossed over to Bangladesh from Zammoinna in Maungdaw North. Her father Rashid Ahmed informed that he has been trying to get access to medical treatment for her two children but has not been successful. He fears that his son might also die soon without any medical care.

Bangladesh media has reported that many of the children dying in the refugee camps could have been saved if they had access to medical treatment.

The government of Bangladesh has blocked much needed humanitarian aid to the refugee camps alleging this would encourage the migration of more Rohingyas. Some philanthropists have provided humanitarian aid in secret, but this is not enough for around 30,000 new refugees who have crossed over into the country in recent weeks.

The incident takes place as the Border Guard Bangladesh continues to push back Rohingyas in the Naf river. Over the past two days, around 120 refugees have been pushed back from Wycom, Gundhum and Hansar para.

Earlier many refugees pushed back by Bangladesh were shot dead by the Hlun Htein on the Naf river. Unlike earlier times, the Myanmar security forces had also prevented Rohingyas from escaping to Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh has ignored growing public sympathy for the Muslim community and has pledged full support for the Myanmar security forces, though the latter have mostly ignored overtures. Nayapara