Four arrested in Buthidaung on terror offences

December 25, 2016


Four men were arrested from Kundu Parang in Buthidaung on allegations of keeping in touch with rebels. It was also alleged the men kept in touch with foreign organisations who want to promote strife in Arakan.

Hlun Htein forces made these arrests on Friday.

Two of the arrested men were taken to the Buthidaung headquarters of the Hlun Htein. They are Kamal Abu Deen and Imran Hossain. The two others were kept in the local Hlun Htein camp. Their identities could not be confirmed.

Kamal and Imran are educated young men who have been vocal for the rights of the Rohingyas in the community.

Locals allege the arrested men are being brutally tortured in custody.

Arrests of Rohingya men arrested on terror related offences are common in Arakan where hundreds have died a slow painful death, especially since 2012. In recent times, many arrested have had their eyes gouged out or hands cut off from the wrists.

A former prisoner from the infamous Buthidaung said the torture was so intense that every night the prison guards would be dumping two or three dead bodies outside.