Tatmadaw raid Ram Ba Gone Nah, women assaulted

December 25, 2016

Renewed terror has gripped Maungdaw North as Tatmadaw forces raided Rohingya settlements, assaulted civilians, including women.

In the early hours of Friday, the Tatmadaw launched a raid in Ram Ba Gone Nah forcing locals to flee. However many of the men, women and even some of the children were apprehended and forced to the field of a local school. Here the Rohingyas were beaten up.

The army also checked the family list to determine if there were any outsiders in the village.

They were released in the late afternoon.

A large force is currently camped around Zammoinna.

There are fears that forces will continue the crackdown which started on October 9 resulting in the death and torture of hundreds of civilians.

Despite partial cessation of the crackdown, the Friday raids are spreading renewed panic in the area. army