Tatmadaw raids Kya Ri Prang, Nari Bil, Nga Sa Gru and Ludaing, fears of fresh violence

December 29, 2016

In separate raids, Tatmadaw forces entered the restive village tracts of Kya Ri Prang, Ludaing, Nga Sa Fru and Nari Bil on Tuesday, leading to fears there might be a renewed outbreak of violence in the area.

All these village tracts were specifically targeted since the days of October when the recent crackdown started. The residents of these areas, already on edge despite the lull in violence from mid December have expressed concerns there will be a fresh outbreak of violence directed at the beleaguered communities resulting in more deaths, tortures and rapes in these tense tracks of Maungdaw North.

Details are difficult to obtain as the area is under lockdown and those who managed to run away have no contact with those stranded inside.

Hundreds of Rohingyas have been killed in the crackdown that started on October 9. In these villages currently under raid, entire families, inlcuding infants and small children were annihilated by the Tatmadaw.

Thousands of people from these areas have already fled to Bangladesh.