Brutal assault for covering toilet

December 30, 2016

A man was brutally injured following merciless assault by Tatmadaw personal in Dunsay, Rathedaung.

Tatamadaw had earlier ordered all boundaries, including toilet walls be knocked won. The victim, Abdul Qader followed the orders of the security forces but maintained a flimsy covering for the privacy of his daughters.

This angered Tatmadaw personal who proceeded to brutally assault Qader in the buttocks.

In recent weeks, Tatmadaw has launched continuous raids, assaults and arrests from this village.

Many of those arrested have been brutally tortured in custody, and sentenced to long prison sentences without any trial. It is expected many of those sentenced will be further tortured in the infamous prisons of the region.

Those arrested in recent times have had their eyes gouged out and hands cut off from the wrists. A former prisoner told our correspondent every night, prison guards unloaded two to three corpses.